The world's first BNS Iyengar Primary series video is here!

Welcome to the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the lineage of Guruji Sri BNS Iyengar of Mysore, India. BNS Iyengar is the last surviving student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya who is still living and teaching Ashtanga yoga today at age 94, as of the year 2020. As a direct student of Krishnamacharya, he is an important figure in the formative years of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The philosophy contained herein is not my own, but comes directly from Guruji. This video is intended as a historical record of this alternative lineage of Ashtanga, as well as a visual guide to help memorize the order of the sequence, the names of the asanas, and the correct placement of breath and Vinyasa.

Practice the complete Primary Series in the lineage of Guruji BNS with one of his most dedicated students, Joey Paz. Learn the complete sequence, step by step, with the correct breath and vinyasa placement, exactly as Guruji teaches it in Mysore. This video will help you to memorize the order of the sequence as well as the Sanskrit names of the asanas and includes an audible breath count to help you maintain a perfect rhythm in your flow as you follow along. This full-length, HD-quality video also includes a healthy dose of philosophy and mythology of the asanas, as described by BNS himself over many years of practicing with him in Mysore.


This video is not intended to be a replacement for a qualified, knowledgeable yoga instructor. Please do not force yourself into any pose, rest when needed, and seek the guidance of a qualified Ashtanga teacher if you have any questions. You may skip any poses or modify as you wish, and continue through the practice. Guruji is fond of saying, "Do as much as you can. Enjoy the bliss."


Professionally directed by Dallos Paz, the cinematographer behind the groundbreaking documentary film Mysore Yoga Traditions, this video is the first attempt to document the Primary Series of Ashtanga elder BNS Iyengar. Don't miss out on this beautiful piece of Yoga history!

To purchase the full length video, click the button below or Venmo @Joey-Paz-1 and receive an immediate download link. If you are out of work or experiencing financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 crisis, please email for a reduced price or free download. Financial troubles should not be an impediment to the practice of yoga.

“This was so special! I loved the way you kept a breath track throughout the entire sequence, the pace was great. Also, I loved the dialogue and teaching throughout the series- I learned so many new things about the practice! Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditation.” -Amina B, Norman, OK

"The best Yoga video I have ever seen." -Vala L, Arcata, CA

"Hi Joey,

I just wanted to say thanks for offering this video to the world, I think it is a valuable gem.  You can tell that you embody this wisdom with your practice and your voice.  I thought I would just practice with your video once or twice and see the differences in lineage, but what you transmit is so essential that I will use it much more than that. What a blessing you have that BNS Iyengar is your teacher."  -Karen L, Kansas City